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Nowadays, the RSR and RK are the only entirely steam-worked full-sized commercial railways in the world. Their engines, as they race across the plains, pound up into the mountains or dash down again into the valleys, draw enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. The RSR and RK have the most modern and efficient steam locomotives in the world, the result of more than 150 years' ongoing, forward-looking development. To date, there have been a mere eight chief engineers of the RSR, a sign of their dedication to their work and, in more recent years, their faith in the steam locomotive as the optimum form of motive power for today's railway business.
RSR Chief Engineers
Giorg Maznicek 1839 - 1857
Marek Luršimonš 1857 - 1891
Karel Belčamin 1891 - 1919
Bela Šahlmeti 1919 - 1929
Frihdrik Tešlov 1929 - 1950*
Mikhail Rodnivacek 1950 - 1962
Jochann Ketterik 1962 - 1985
Artur Gorote 1985 -
Experiments 1839 -
* In exile 1939-1945

Click on the engineers' names to see overviews and detailed descriptions of their locomotives. Please note that the illustrations are quite big files. Alternative smaller ones are in course of preparation.

There were also various experiments and non-starters that evolved over the years and are not listed under the chief engineers' names.

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