Updates to the RSR Home Page

This site is constantly under development and one of our visitors has suggested we set up an updates page to help identify new and changed entries. We fully agree with this idea. Just what constitutes an update is defined as follows:

1. New locomotive type
2. New rolling stock
3. New accident or other report
4. Amendment to the potted history
5. Amendments to site navigation (also a visitor's suggestion)

This list we think will do for the moment. If you think anything else should be listed, please let us know.

The updates list now shows the newest entry at the top (suggestion of a Friend of the RSR):

9.10.2017: New locomotive class: 645A (Artur Gorote).
2.6.2017: New locomotive class: 445A (Artur Gorote).
20.11.2016: New illustrations for classes 323B and 323BB (Bela Šahlmeti).
20.11.2016: New locomotive classes: 523W and 523X (Bela Šahlmeti).
25.10.2016: New locomotive classes: D27, D28 und E27 (Karel Belčamin).
8.10.2016: New locomotive class: 523Y (Bela Šahlmeti).
1.10.2016: New locomotive class: 423QQ (Bela Šahlmeti).
4.9.2016: New locomotive class: 423Q (Bela Šahlmeti).
31.8.2016: New locomotive class: CC1 (Karel Belčamin).
4.12.2015: Revised information concerning superheaters on classes 885A, 985A and 985B (Artur Gorote).
15.10.2015: New locomotive class: DD3 (Karel Belčamin).
21.4.2015: New locomotive class: 533AA (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
22.3.2015: New locomotive class: 985B (Artur Gorote).
3.9.2014: New locomotive class: 755B (Artur Gorote).
1.9.2014: New locomotive class: 985A (Artur Gorote).
2.2.2014: New locomotive class: E3 (Karel Belčamin).
19.1.2012: New information on Bela Šahlmeti.
19.1.2012: New passenger rolling stock (Andreas Lenusahr).
30.9.2012: New locomotive class: 455AB (Artur Gorote).
2.6.2011: New locomotive class: 885A (Artur Gorote).
4.5.2011: New locomotive classes: D9 & D10 (Karel Belčamin).
3.5.2011: New passenger rolling stock (Karel Belčamin, Andreas Lenusahr, Bela Šahlmeti).
1.3.2011: English account of  near-accident at Kropčahne in 2003.
28.9.2010: New information on Artur Gorote.
29.12.2009: New locomotive class: Q2 (Marek Luršimonš).
29.12.2009: Revised crossreference list
29.10.2009: Revised description of class 675A (Artur Gorote).
20.6.2009: Revised crossreference list.
20.6.2009: New 2006 series of Nostalgia Express (Piotr Furahtine).
20.6.2009: New locomotive class: 434DE (Artur Gorote).
13.5.2009: New page: References, containing acknowledgments, links and a bibliography
8.4.2009: New locomotive class: 675A (Artur Gorote).
26.3.2009: Revised crossreference list.
26.3.2009: New locomotive classes: C2B & C2C (Karel Belčamin).
23.3.2009: Revised crossreference list.
23.3.2009: Revised description of class N (Marek Luršimonš).
23.3.2009: New locomotive class: C2A (Karel Belčamin).
3.3.2009: New 1938 series of coaches (Jochann Dugehrie).
8.2.2009: New 1935 series of coaches (Jochann Dugehrie).
20.1.2009: Revised description of class 474A (Ferenç Otehval).
19.1.2009: New locomotive class: C6AA (Karel Belčamin).
17.1.2009: New locomotive class: E2 (Karel Belčamin).
7.12.2008: New locomotive class: 640A (Artur Gorote).
3.12.2008: Revised illustration of class 433A (Bela Šahlmeti) to show inside cylinder. Description amended accordingly.
12.9.2008: New locomotive class: DD2 (Karel Belčamin).
6.5.2008: New locomotive class: 533D (Jochann Ketterik).
30.4.2008: New locomotive classes: 433F (Mikhail Rodnivacek) & 533E (Jochann Ketterik).
23.4.2008: New locomotive classes: 523C (Frihdrik Tešlov) & 523E (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
12.3.2008: New locomotive classes: D2A & DD1 (Karel Belčamin).
7.2.2008: Locomotive class codes revised to take account of changes in earlier history, close gaps and eliminate duplicates and other anomalies. A new crossreference page has been generated to provide an overview.
9.6.2007: German descriptions of Gorote locomotives.
9.6.2007: Minipix on Engineer's page for Gorote are now animated.
7.6.2007: German descriptions of Rodivacek locomotives.
6.6.2007: German descriptions of Ketterik locomotives.
5.6.2007: Minipix on Engineer's page for Ketterik are now animated.
29.12.2006: New locomotive class 465A (Artur Gorote).
29.12.2006: Minipix on Engineers' pages Šahlmeti, Tešlov and Rodnivacek are now animated (this work was actually carried out during June, July and August  of this year).
7.8.2006: All locomotive designs since 1950 have been reviewed to take account of the development of poppet valves. These amendments affect the work of Mikhail Rodnivacek, Jochann Ketterik and Artur Gorote. The new descriptions are at present only in English.
9.5.2006: Minipix on Engineers' pages Maznicek, Luršimonš and Belčamin are now animated.
9.5.2006: The navigation on these pages has also been improved slightly.
7.3.2006: German descriptions of locomotives, rolling stock, signalling and existing track and route plans.
7.3.2006: Proposed new locomotive class: 665A (Artur Gorote).
16.2.2006: New locomotive class 520A (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
30.11.2005: New track plan - Belšinohra Station (big file > 900K!).
11.11.2005: New locomotive classes K (Marek Luršimonš) and BB1 (Karel Belčamin).
5.11.2005: New locomotive class I (Marek Luršimonš).
26.10.2005: New locomotive class C14 (Karel Belčamin).
22.10.2005: New locomotive class 564A (Jochann Ketterik).
14.10.2005: New pages on goods rolling stock.
12.10.2005: Revised page on passenger rolling stock.
5.10.2005: New pages on passenger and goods rolling stock.
5.10.2005: New page on RSR signalling.
25.5.2005: New locomotive class 364AA (Jochann Ketterik).
13.4.2005: Proposed new locomotive class 115A (Artur Gorote).
11.11.2004: New locomotive class 655B (Artur Gorote).
17.10.2004: New reference to class 545A (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
10.10.2004: New locomotive classes 434E and 434F (Artur Gorote).
10.10.2004: Descriptions changed slightly for classes 423E and 423F (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
1.10.2004: New locomotive class 323FF (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
28.9.2004: New locomotive class 533BB (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
22.9.2004: New locomotive class 434B  (Frihdrik Tešlov).
21.9.2004: New locomotive class 323A (Bela Šahlmeti).
20.9.2004: New locomotive class 523D
(Mikhail Rodnivacek).
New locomotive class 333B (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
19.9.2004: Class 344F and 433E with Vanderbilt tender (Mikhail Rodnivacek).
16.9.2004: New locomotive class R1 (Marek Luršimonš).
13.9.2004: New locomotive classess 423BC and 423BD (Bela Šahlmeti).

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